The mission to drive more organic traffic to your website can be excruciatingly slow and frustrating process. You have the landing pages, product pages, blog posts and content on social media platforms, so why is it that your website is still performing below your expectations?

LoudCrowd's SEO experts are here to offer you 5 quick tips that we hope will inspire your website's future growth, transform your SEO results and help you to fly up the rankings of all the most popular search engines. Just one of the points discussed below could transform how your website performs and take your online presence to the next level.

Target the Correct Keywords

graph demonstrating the difference between short and long tail keywords

One of the most common Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) mistakes made by people looking to increase their website traffic and get a high search engine ranking is attempting to rank for short tail search terms that are far too generic.

Short tail keywords like these have huge search volumes, however this means that they are all highly competitive. Unless you're a large business with a super high authority website, you will struggle to rank for these terms. Conduct target keyword research and carefully select the terms with the best volume/difficulty ratio and those that are most relevant to your website.

For example, imagine you are own a small pizza restaurant in Soho, London, and you use your website to drive business to the shop and to receive online orders. It would be ineffective to try and rank for short tail search terms such as "pepperoni pizza". Why? Because a million other website pages are already ranking for that term!

Instead, you should aim to rank for long tail keywords such as "pepperoni pizza in Soho London", "best pizza places in Soho", or something related to your USP e.g. "rustic homemade pizza restaurant in London". Use keyword research to find the best options for you. Identify and target your customer base, not a random generic audience!

Design Mobile-friendly Website Pages

seo doncaster | seo agency | loud crowd digital loudcrowd's seo experts are here to offer you 5 quick tips that we hope will inspire your website's future growth, transform your seo results and help you to fly up the rankings of all the most popular search engines. just one of the points discussed below could transform how your website performs and take your online presence to the next level.

We are living in a mobile first generation! 50% of all search engine queries are made on mobile devices. Because of this, a website that is optimised for use on mobile devices is key.

Optimisation for mobile devices is one of the most significant Google ranking factors the algorithm considers when determining search rankings. Search engines want to provide mobile users with a quick and responsive user experience - if you can't offer this then your site will be penalised in search engine results pages.

Use Google's free mobile-friendly testing tool to assess your website, see how well your web pages work on mobile devices and whether performance is comparable to the desktop version. This tool will flag faults such as incompatible plugins, viewport errors, element placement and text that is too small to read.

Mobile page speed is also highly important - 40% of users will abandon pages that take longer than three seconds to load. If you want to learn how you can measure your page speed and get those load times faster to avoid being penalised by the search algorithm, check out our recent blog post on how to increase your website speed.

Create Valuable Content

content writer working on a new piece of content.

Creating quality content can be a time-consuming process that requires a lot of research, planning and precise execution. A lot of businesspeople don't have the time to dedicate towards creating and executing a full content marketing plan for their websites, so often resort to outsourcing this work on the cheap. Whilst there are good intentions behind this, the standard of the content often suffers along with overall performance as a result.

Google and other search engines reward genuine, helpful content that assists the user in answering their search queries as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Content creation can be a great way to build trust and credibility - your content is an extension of your product/service and brand voice so should be treated with the same care and attention. Set goals behind your content strategy and formulate a plan as to how you can use different forms of content to guide the customer down the sales/marketing funnel.

If you write using certain SEO tools such as SurferSeo, you can create content that will rank well for target keywords whilst also being highly valuable to the consumer. The best way you can ensure that your content creation is at a high standard and will perform well is to consider user intent...

Focus on User Intent

search spelled out using paper with a magnifying glass representing search intent.

When producing a piece of content - take blog posts for example - stop and think about the keyword phrases you are targeting. What is the user's search intent is behind these keywords?

For example, if you were writing a "how to" blog post for the target keyword "SEO strategy UK", you might find that you get a higher bounce rate than you'd normally expect. This is because these people will likely be looking online for professional SEO services rather than a guide - think about search intent! Instead, you should be targeting keywords like "How to build an effective SEO strategy UK", "Tips for creating an SEO strategy" etc.

Considering user intent like this is massively important for clicks, the time users spend on your pages, and the overall engagement with your content and call-to-actions. It's all about hooking your target audience and reeling them in!

Audit Your Site!

an seo professional conducting a website audit.

SEO professionals use a variety of different software to conduct website audits which, put simply, are website health checks. Audits allow you to review all technical aspects of your site in order to assess how well your website is functioning and how its current status could be impacting upon performance and search engine rankings.

Issues that are flagged are often to do with how search engines can access and scan your site, for example, broken links that stop Google navigating and indexing your pages.

Running website audits is an essential process if you want a successful website - they help to highlight issues that might otherwise go unseen. Fixes can be relatively simple to execute and do a massive amount of good for your sites performance and rankings. Without an audit you would have never known precisely what the problem was to begin with!

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