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How We Deal With Emails

Email marketing? Are you just like me? Is your mailbox full to the brim of old, unwanted and unanswered emails, never opened? Or are you the sort that sits there deleting email after email until you feel that you have spent the last 3 days playing space invaders.

Statistics about Emails

Then there are the work emails, do you reply within minutes of seeing them appear? Is the reply response sent a week later? Or do they get buried in your inbox cause a mass delay!

It’s almost like how traffic jams start: the first car follows up quickly, the second a little delayed, the third a bit more delayed, and then finally all the delays adds up to stand still traffic in the back.  In this case, it just adds up to communication inefficiency.

How often do you check emails?

Are you the sort of person who checks your emails 20 times a day, even at midnight like me and even replies there and then no matter what time of day (or night) it is.

Staff play innocent, they have done this countless times as well.  Like 25% of all of us, some people don’t read work-related emails after they have left the office. They simply answer them as soon as they get back in to work the next day.

Is this surprising to you?  Well, it’s great for worker sanity to see that 25% of people have never even sent a work email after 6 pm.  Check out the infographic above for more stats on who responds to email right away and why.

If you are a business looking to run an email campaign maybe we can help. You can contact us, send us an email to info@loudcrowdit.co.uk or give us a call on 01302 965482

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