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If you’re running an email campaign already or thinking of starting an email campaign the first hurdle is making sure you email even reaches its destination.

Google, Apple, Windows, Yahoo and all major email providers have systems in place designed to catch unwanted or unsolicited emails called spam filters. Spam filters use many advanced methods to detect this in an attempt to reduce unwanted emails. Some include searching for certain flagged words, open rates of emails sent as well as replies back.

So, what can you do to increase visibility rates and make sure you email makes it passed the spam filters intact?

Check if your email looks like spam using free online tools

There are several tools available for checking the quality of your emails. It’s always worth testing it first to make sure it passes the test and is worthy of reaching your intended recipients’ inbox.

Build an organic email list for your email campaign

It’s no use sending your email out to thousands of people who may never open it. Build your list naturally.

Use double opt-in

By having an opt-in form on your website and having a person confirm the subscription via email protects spambots signing up and you know that anyone who fills this out has then chosen to receive emails from you. This will greatly increase open rates.

Use an authenticated email address

Having an authenticated email like yourname@yourbusiness.com looks professional. It has an address that can be replied to. This is a good indicator that the email is legitimate.

Don’t overdo it with images

Having too many images with very little content can get your emails flagged by spam filters. As well as this, many people never even turn their image visibility on in inboxes which means some users can’t see all content. Any images included in emails should also have alt text. The Alt text will display if an image is not viewable.

Track your emails

Without using some form of email tracking system it can be extremely difficult to find out how many people are seeing your email as well as if it’s having a positive return. There are several email tracking tools available with varying costs.

Perform split tests to see what does/doesn’t work

Sometimes called A/B testing. Separate your email list down and try different designs and layouts. This gives you an idea of what does and doesn’t work to refine your process and put it into practice. Then you can use what you find to refine your campaign each time.

Using these few tips can greatly increase the chances your email gets to its destination and increase opening rates. We have recently put these into practice with an email campaign for Doncaster Knights Rugby Club with great results.

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