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Which CMS is right for me?

To begin we must understand what a CMS actually is. A CMS otherwise known as a content management system is an application that allows you to run your website. A CMS has an admin panel. And an area where you can create and update pages, blog posts and a variety of other content (images, videos, etc.)

You will also be able to change the layout of your website without having to write any code. If you can use word processing software. A CMS shouldn’t take long for you to pick up.
When it comes to actually choosing which CMS is right for you however it isn’t so simple. There are 3 giants in the CMS world and they are WordPress, Joomla & Drupal. All three of these CMS are free and easy to use. However they aren’t always the best option for your website. If you are wanting to create an e-commerce website a system such as Magento or Shopify might be your best option.


WordPress is a great platform that powers over half of the world’s CMS websites. Which is getting more & more popular with each update. The CMS has a very large & committed community behind it that help to develop a range of themes & plugins that can be used on any WordPress website. This CMS is also very popular because it’s very simple. Making it easy to create pages, setup navigation menu’s, and update the content on the front end of your website.


Joomla is known for its great balance of customization options & user-friendliness. However with that said this engine can be difficult for beginners to use and will require some dedication and patience to learn how to manipulate pages.  It’s a powerful system that has a vast range of plugins available to download and install in no time, but it will take time and effort to get used to the oddities of the system which can put people off.


Drupal is the peak of CMS platforms, it contains a huge variety of options and customizable sections right out of the box. It has many functions that are available from the get-go that would require some coding knowledge to achieve in both Joomla & WordPress. Drupal also has a wide range of third-party extensions that can be installed on the website. This CMS is great. It has a large amount of functionality and options. However, learning to operate Drupal can be a real challenge and will require a lot of work and patience.


This CMS is the mega-giant of e-commerce websites, providing a wide range of stats for all of your purchases. As well as being able to integrate with payment systems like Sage makes it a great system to use. The initial setup of this CMS (whilst free) can be very hard to do. Which would require someone with a bit more technical knowledge to set up. With the Magento community edition no transactions fees are charged other than the provider’s fees (gateway to gateway.) However these are also present on other options such as Shopify. If you are looking for detailed reporting on all of your purchases and a lot of control over the attributes of your products, then Magento should definitely be considered.


This system is great for people who don’t want to worry about web-hosting. Who wants an easy to use e-commerce portal that can handle payments, add products, and setup pages. Shopify offers a 14 day trial of the system allowing you to see whether or not it’s for you, with no setup fees & monthly plans ranging from $14 to $179 this is a great option for anyone looking to have a simple e-commerce website. Shopify now supports Android pay & apple pay straight out of the box, meaning that all of your customers on their mobiles can skip the long winded basket/cart to checkout system and just pay for their items straight away using their attached cards, although that can be achieved on other CMS they do require additional plugins and setup to make this possible.


This one is a bit different, whilst the others offer a range of website building tools & plugins a CRM is not designed to do this. A CRM otherwise known as a (customer relationship management system) can be used in the backend of any website. They are designed to offer full control over lead-generation, invoicing, order tracking, stock tracking, vehicle tracking and much more. If you would like a bit more information on our custom build CRM please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We will be happy to discuss your current system and work with you to increase your staff’s workflow by up to 80%!

Now that you know a bit more about the most powerful CMS for development, get in touch. Let us know what you would like to use for your website. We have worked across all of the mentioned CMS. And we are happy to offer advice as to what system would be better for you.

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