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In one month Google’s mobile site speed algorithm comes into life and the sluggish websites will start to drop in rankings like flies!

Why page load speed is so important for SEO?

  • studies showing most searches are mobile searches [*1],

  • studies showing most people will close page if it wont load in 2-3 seconds [*2],

  • official Google post saying that it matters [*3].

So are you gonna drop down in precious rankings just because your website loading page sucks? Yes, and it’s for benefit of all!

I’m writing this article because I’ve noticed how many business owners are forgetting about this basic thing – making sure customer gets served FAST.

A lot of time its due to the fact that site owners simply don’t realize that their website loads fast just on 2nd load (when all the images are already in cache).
Of course a new visitor coming from Google will need to load all of them on 1st visit.

Happily Google came to help and instead of tons of arguments I can just post links to their recommendations and couple of quick ways to check if your site runs well.

This post wasn’t suppose to be about convincing you that SPEED MATTERS FOR SEO, because there’s no need for that.

If you think it doesn’t matter please visit imInEarly90sSeo.Com/conservative-members.

Is your web site ready?

Let’s go over a few ways in which anyone (n00b or no 🙂 can validate it.

1. Page Speed – Chrome browser Developer Tools – Network tab, is it fast?

In order to get development console you either need to right click on any element on page and then click inspect or simply press CTRL+SHIFT+C, once dev bar appears click on Network tab. **Ready for test? **Press CTRL+SHIFT+R to refresh page and reload the cache, the network tab will show you all!

Well that can be shocker if your website was loading always from cached version (where most content saved before is served fromy our hdd) and now it takes unusally long to load.

2. Mobile Page Speed – Chrome browser Developer Tools – Network tab, is it still fast on 3G?

Google dev tools are the most essential ones for any onsite seo because we can simply use it to see what’s really wrong.


So let’s continue, just on the right of the [ ] Disable cache button you can find "Online" dropdown where you can set 3G or 4G network cap on your connection. Hit CTRL+SHIFT+R to refresh the page and reload it on a simulated mobile connection.

This is really cool feature letting you measure how fast (or slow) your page will load even for customers on 3G phones.

3. PageSpeed Insights – Google created page load speed health checks!

PageSpeed insights is going to rock your (developers) world, at least if they haven’t use it yet. It’s enough to visit:
https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ and type in your website url. There are two scans available, one mobile and one for desktop devices, you should try both.


If you’re going to see "Unavailable" in any it means that probably your website is too slow for bot to even hassle trying to check it.
You know it’s bad when you see something along the lines:

"PSI estimates this page requires 7 render-blocking round trips and ~56 resources (1.8MB) to load. The median page requires 4 render-blocking round trips and ~75 resources (1MB) to load. Fewer round trips and bytes results in faster pages."

Google PageSpeed insight will let you know about vast amount of things you can fix on your website (if there are any errors) and how to improve experience of your users!

4. Google Lighthouse – Deep site audits

Open Chrome’s developer tools (CTRL+SHIFT+C) and go to audits, choose options and just start audit. Currently Lighthouse is powering Google Chrome audits.
It’s also available as a standalone command line application (you’ll need to nodejs).
Using it will let us scan your website even if it was to slow to get scanned by PageSpeed Insights. It can be used to provide massively detailed report about your website performance on mobile or desktop.

By default Lighthouse measures the speed as from 3G device, but in command line version you can change the network cap.

So the main questions here…

1. After running all of above… does your site loads under 2-3 seconds?

Because if not, then you’re loosing not only positions in Google, but as well customers who close down your page before it loads.

If you’re unhappy with results and looking for a great team to improve your on-site seo by getting your page load times under controler we’re here to help.
Apart of web performance tunning we’re offering a wide range of SEO services including free and paid audits, off-site & competition analysis.

2. Can you afford to loose customers due to lack of proper on-site SEO optimization?

If your website loads on a 3G phone like it would be 1995 and 1 GIG ports wouldn’t exist contact us and get it sorted out! We specialize in making your web fast… again.

So get in touch now and let us bring your web up to current Google standards!

[*3] – https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2018/01/using-page-speed-in-mobile-search.html
[*2] – https://www.marketingdive.com/news/google-53-of-mobile-users-abandon-sites-that-take-over-3-seconds-to-load/426070/
[*1] – https://searchengineland.com/report-nearly-60-percent-searches-now-mobile-devices-255025

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