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Social Media in Business

It is probably true to say that everybody nowadays has heard the term ‘social media’. A few years ago, it was said that it’s just a temporary ‘fever’, but as time has passed one can clearly see huge growth in this area. The small projects which started as a simple ‘social’ experiment end up being most valued and visited websites in the world. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube, all of us came across those media and used them not only to socialize with people but also to look for a job, advertise our products or brand, lead successful campaign or simply bring up more customers to the business.

Recent research clearly indicates that social media are not only for youngsters anymore. The average user looking for answers on the internet is between 16 to 64 years old. Those who find their answers via internet research or on social media tend to come back to the same place once faced with another difficulty. In the 21st-century people have access to mobiles with built-in apps and easy access to the internet wherever they are. Even within last year using social media through the mobile devices has risen up around 30%!

Advantages of social media

Advantages of social media such as Facebook is the fact that one can reduce the cost of advertising, easily track performance and targets, and that is not all of the benefits. Once someone comes across advertising or a brand and finds them interesting they are likely to share it with others. So it can easily reach more people in just a few minutes. Social media is a great place to work on a good perception of one’s business. It helps to show commitment and showcase creative ideas and to make sure that existing and potential customers will feel valuable. What is one of the biggest advantages is the fact that just by posting on social media one can easily redirect people to their website, product, service or advertisements. This benefits you even more as it increases website traffic and search ranking positions.

Let’s summarize what we have said up now:

  • Social media is not only for socializing but also to search for information, job, products and advertise
  • The average age of people looking for answers over social media is 16 to 64 years old
  • There is a huge growth in the use of mobile devices in order to access social media (30%)
  • Social media helps to promote brand, products, service, increase website traffic and search ranking and reach more people.

It is definitely worth mentioning two more factors that come with social media. As a business owner, it is really important to build long-lasting and valuable relationships. Not only with customers but also, with other businesses. Social media is very helpful in that field. One can easily check-up on his rivals or find people led by similar goals and ambitions. The second factor worth mentioning is Facebook and Twitter use geo-targeting.  This is based on geographical and demographical parameters and allows users to send messages, advertise and other information. All based on the location of the potential audience.

What you have just read is only the tip of the iceberg, there are much more benefits of social media for business’. If you’re still not on it, maybe it is worth reconsidering your decision.

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